Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Newest Member of the KIA AutoSport Family.

Little Soul is the newest member of our family here at KIA AutoSport. Little Soul is a hamster with some attitude just like the newest addition to our product line up the all new 2010 KIA Soul.

If you have seen the new KIA ad on television you can understand why we felt compelled to make this addition to our family. Visit the YouTube link on our website to check out the ad if you haven't seen the head bobbing hamsters.

Little Soul lives in a very stylish habitat in our showroom. In addition to his habitat we also have a hamster track where you will often find him speeding around on in his yellow hamster vehicle for some exercise. You can often find Little Soul speeding around the office in his vehicle.

We invite everyone to visit Little Soul while visiting our dealership. Little Soul will be here like we are 7 days a week!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Clearance Event!

This weekend we have a huge inventory clearance event happening for Memorial Day. Come in and receive $5000 off* any new 2009 in stock.

We look forward to seeing you this weekend!

Monday, May 18, 2009

6 Green Driving Tips

At KIA AutoSport we care about you and your vehicle.

With the price of gas on the rise we wanted to provide you with a few Green Driving Tips that if used will increase your gas mileage.

1) Avoid quick starts and aggressive driving. A smooth, steady speed saves gasoline and reduces wear and tear on the engine, tires, transmission and brakes.

2) Slow down! Fuel economy decreases about 1% for each mph over 55. Driving 65 mph vs. 75 miles mph, for example, increases fuel economy by about 10%.

3) Use overdrive and cruise control. Overdrive gears slow engine speeds, saving gasoline and reducing wear. By helping to maintain a constant speed, cruise control reduces gasoline consumption. Use both features only when safe and appropriate.

4) Combine trips when possible. Your engine runs more efficiently once it's warmed up, so avoid making multiple short trips. Stop-and-go driving also burns more gasoline. Avoid driving during rush hour whenever you can.

5) Reduce drag. Remove roof racks and other items from your vehicle when you're not using them.

6) Avoid unnecessary idling. In addition to contributing to engine wear and tear and air pollution, consider that when your vehicle is idling, you are getting 0 miles per gallon of gasoline you use.

Those tips should get you a little further on a tank of gas. Check our blog regularly and we'll have our Green Maintenance Tips posted later on this week and remember at KIA AutoSport we're always having a great day!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

KIA AutoSport Employee Softball Game Sunday May 17th

KIA AutoSport Employees are getting ready for the big game this Sunday May 17th. The Parts and Service All Stars will take on the Sales Department Stankey Legs in our first ever employee softball game. Employees from both teams have been optimistic about a win.

The Parts and Service All Stars will be lead by long time Softball and Baseball Player Doug Hughes our Parts Manager. Doug feels extremely confident with his leadership he can pull his team to victory. Playing for the Parts and Service All Stars will be; Doug Hughes Parts Manager, Co-Captain Kelly Facer Service Manager, Ron Angelotti, Adam Perry, Danny Campbell, Brandon Thomas, Doug "Fresh" Cook, Daniel McKeithen, Dwayne Griffin, and John Wayne Cassidy. Doug said today, "We are playing with the right attitude and we are not afraid of the competition. They all eat too much and are out of shape."

The Sales Stankey Legs will be lead by the main man himself, Mr. Monroe Lee. The Sales team completed 2 team practices in the past weeks and have made steady progress. The team captains have stated that the All Stars are coming into this game underestimating the strength, skill and speed of the Stankey Leg's. Playing for the Stankey Leg's will be; Melanie Lee, Omar George, Nicky Jones, John Cray, Steven Clemens, Mike "Boom" Champion, Ron "Stankey Leg" Murray, Kristin Sirmon, Kenroy Johnson, Katrina McAphin, and Colleen Harp. Kelly Facer from the Parts and Service All Stars attended the Stankey Legs team practice Saturday evening. After witnessing the Stankey Leg practice Kelly admitted to Melanie that he was a little more concerned than he and Doug were letting on.

Also joining in will be the Stankey Leg cheer squad lead by Susan Schrier. Joining the cheer squad will be Sharon Davis, Christa McCarthy and our newest cheerleader Ella McCarthy. They have prepared a wonderful array of theme music that is sure to entertain everyone in attendance.

We inivite anyone who would like to attend and watch as these bitter work rivals take it out on the field.

Stankey Leg's vs. Parts and Service All Stars Sunday May 17th at Messer Field. We hope to begin around 5:30 pm and no later than 6 pm depending on how business is on Sunday afternoon.