Friday, September 21, 2012

The Best Game Day Decorations

How to Decorate your Tailgating Vehicle

Football season is happening and that means tailgating is too! There are 5 major components to having a great tailgate: food, drinks, music, games and TEAM SPIRIT.  Unfortunately not everyone remembers that decorating your ride with team spirit is essential to having the best tailgate on the block. We want everyone to have a great game day, and be prepared to decorate their vehicle!  

10 Tips on Decorating your Car for a Tailgate

1.       Make sure that your vehicle is squeaky clean! That means take the time to get a car wash before the game. Don’t forget about the inside of the car too! You don’t want your tailgate to be spoiled by the smell of hot garbage in your car.

2.       Tailgating lots are packed with hundreds of cars so you need to be able to stand out.  How do you do that? Buy a personalized flag with your teams’ colors!  With a unique flag soaring high in the sky your friends and family will find you quickly and easily.

3.       Car decals go a long way! Place decals on your car so everyone knows exactly who you are rooting for.  Magnetic decals are perfect if you only want them on for tailgates.

4.       Go big or go home!  Vanity license plates can show you are truly a dedicated fan. Pair it with a license plate frame and you are going to be showing true team spirit!

5.       Get a little artistic with window pants!  Use your team colors to write your favorite game day sayings on the side of your car.  (Window pants are sold at most kid craft stores so they should be easy to find on short notice!)

6.       If your vehicle has a grill in the front, attach streamers and blooms to add a little extra flair and style.  If you do not have a grill, don’t worry!  You can tie the balloons to the handles of your car and look just as festive.

7.       Don’t be afraid to make signs! Signs hanging on the outside of your car can show your personal style and preferences. Write the number of your favorite player and everyone will know who you are supporting.

8.       Does your team have a theme song? If you can get a recording of the marching band, you are set! Play the song once an hour to get your friends riled up and ready to cheer during the game.

9.       To make your car look even better decorate your tailgating spot with team spirit too.  Coordinate your tailgating chairs and games with the decorations on your car!

10.   The number one tailgating decoration tip is to make your friends JEALOUS! You want to decorate your car with enthusiasm and style. If you love the way it looks chances are they will too. Keep in mind that making your ride look great, will make you look great!


1.       Have a designated driver! If you are going through this much trouble you want to make sure that your car stays safe and that you do too!

2.       Remove all excessive decorations from the car BEFORE you start driving away from the tailgate. Balloons on the grill and driving are not a safe combination.

3.       Wash your car later that day. Though most window pants are safe for your car you don’t want to risk hurting the paint job.

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